SoftPerfect Research Website Review & Ratings + SoftPerfect Research Coupons
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SoftPerfect Research Website Review & Ratings + SoftPerfect Research Coupons

SoftPerfect Research : Products & Services

SoftPerfect Research is a relatively small company that develops Windows networking management tools as well as commercial and free software for enterprises, local area networks (LANs), intranets and the internet. In addition, the company offers consulting services. Their products include the free SoftPerfect Personal Firewall which is designed to protect a user’s PC from attacks via the Internet or a LAN, a basic requirement for any computer on a network of any kind; the SoftPerfect File Recovery tool, a free application that is guaranteed to ease anyone’s blood pressure levels as it restores files deleted accidentally from various storage media; the SoftPerfect Print Inspector which is a dream come true for any office administrator as it helps in the management of print jobs queued to any shared printer. This tool saves information about all printed documents in a database, a solution which can help curb wastage in an office setting. Further information on their practical solutions can be found on their official website.

SoftPerfect Research : Company Background

SoftPerfect Research consists of a software development team located in Brisbane, Australia. The company was founded in 2000 and prides itself in working with partners who can provide complementary solutions and distribution channels which can further enable them provide software across the globe. The company specializes in products that help manage the basic issues that a networking professional faces on a day-to-day basis.

SoftPerfect Research : Customer Feedback & Reviews

SoftPerfect Research has been lauded for its practical and easy to use software and tools. A customer on Alexa stated that the site is “easy to navigate” and that it is “fast and responsive”. Another review on the Download Crew website, the SoftPerfect Wifi Guard 1.0.2 stated that the software “is no substitute for real network security, but SoftPerfect WifiGuard does provide a simple extra layer which might detect intruders.” Another review on Softpedia indicated that the positive thing about SoftPerfect Network Scanner is the ease of use; however the major concern was an option that existed on the tool which had been dismissed in the modern system world due to its vulnerabilities. On CNet, reviews of the SoftPerfect File Recovery tool appear to be on opposite sides of the spectrum. While some customers have nothing but praise for the software, praising its speed, other customers feel that the software is selective on the type of files it recovers.

SoftPerfect Research : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Though the company is not currently BBB rated, it appears to garner quite a bit of respect in the networking industry based on the positive reviews on its products. The company has not been featured in major media outlets, with most articles on its products being featured on a number of software oriented websites such as CNet.

SoftPerfect Research : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

SoftPerfect’s website cannot be termed enormously popular going by the 44,004 global ranking given to it by Alexa. The site has surprisingly good traffic in Durban with a ranking of 1,215. Despite having 2,520 sites linking to it, unfortunately roughly 62% of the visits to the site are mainly one pageview. The site received a score of 5 out of 10 possible points on Google PageRank.

SoftPerfect Research : Social Media Presence

The company has a forum through which users can post comments on the various SoftPerfect Research products in the market and discuss issues they may have with their products. Unlike most websites that provide links that redirect users to their social media channels, SoftPerfect Research provides the opportunity for users to click on any of the social media icons to directly recommend their page, like their page or post a comment on their page depending on the particular channel i.e. Google+ and Facebook.

SoftPerfect Research : Website Security & Safety

All payments are processed by Plimus, a software registration and order-taking company. All payments must be processed through an order form which is not only located on a secure server, but all transactions are processed through a secure SSL protocol. A Google Diagnostics test on the site returned a positive result, meaning no malicious or suspicious activity had been carried out on the site.

SoftPerfect Research : Pricing & Packages

The type of license determines the pricing of SoftPerfect’s products. For instance, the single computer license for the SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager costs $99 while the license for the same product for up to ten computers costs $250. Each product comes with 1 year of guaranteed technical support and free upgrades. Thereafter, both upgrades and support are available at half price for another year.

SoftPerfect must be a favorite among educational institutions, students, faculty and staff of accredited colleges, universities, non-profit organizations and public libraries as it offers a 50% discount to these institutions and individuals.

Software similar to SoftPerfect’s Bandwidth Manager includes the Antamedia Bandwidth Manager which offers similar features and also retails at $99 and offers a free trial and an unlimited license period. The Enterprise version of the same product costs $349. The company also offers free technical support regardless of the product purchased.

SoftPerfect Research : Shipping Rates & Policies

SoftPerfect does not provide information on its shipping policy, however, when a customer is placing an order for one of the CD-ROMs, it is stated that the price of the purchase includes shipping.

SoftPerfect Research : Payment Methods Accepted

Payment methods accepted by SoftPerfect include all major credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, JCB, Diners Club), PayPal, checks, money orders, mail/phone/fax orders, bank/wire transfers and purchase orders. Of all these payment options, SoftPerfect indicates that credit card is the most ideal to use as transactions are processed real time and the license key issued virtually immediately.

SoftPerfect Research : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

SoftPerfect offers a 30 day free trial period for all its products. If a customer is interested in the product after the 30 days have elapsed, they will need to purchase a license key which will be emailed to them once payment has been received by SoftPerfect. The company does not provide refunds unless the product purchased has an unresolvable technical issue.

SoftPerfect Research : Product images & screenshots
SoftPerfect Research Coupons
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